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November - December, 2011

Feeding the World Seminar November 16
The international seminar series, “Feeding the World: Are We Making Progress?” will continue November 16 at 12 p.m. in the Ensminger Room, 1204 Kildee Hall. The third and final installment of the 2011 seminar series will feature an ISU student presentation entitled "Development Work in Rural Uganda: A Journey Through Student Learning" and be facilitated by Dr. Gail Nonncke, University Professor of Horticulture, Dr. Richard Schultz, University Professor of NREM, and Dr. Thomas Brumm, Associate Professor of Ag and Biosystems Engineering. The seminar series is sponsored by the M.E. Ensminger International Chair in Animal Science, Raymond and Mary Baker Chair in Global Agriculture, and the Center for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods. More information can be found at Learning.htm

GAP and NREM Host Ag Biodiversity Conference
NREM and Global Agriculture Programs recently hosted a 4-day U.S.-Southeast Asia biodiversity conference at ISU with 31 participants from 4 universities:  Yunnan Agricultural University and Yunnan University (China), Yeungnam University (South Korea) and Hokkaido University (Japan).  This interactive conference focused on Developing and Protecting Sustainable and Diverse Food and Energy Systems with activities that included 30 poster presentations, roundtable discussions, field trips, and presentations from international experts devoted to finding solutions related to water, poverty and food and agricultural policy.   This conference is the third in a series hosted on a rotating basis by each participating university and came about as a result of the strong partnerships developed through faculty research exchanges and agriculture study abroad programs.   Leading the conference for NREM were Richard Schultz, John Tyndall and Tricia Knoot.  Global Agriculture Program coordination was led by Denise Bjelland, Shelley Taylor and Difei Shen. Hokkaido University in Japan will host the 2012 conference.

AgBiodiversity participants visit the Gary Guthrie farm in Nevada
Roundtable discussions during the Ag Biodiversity Conference hosted by NREM and GAP


International Interns
Two students from the Federal University of Grande Dourados (UFGD), Brazil and two students from Makerere University (MU), Uganda are finishing up internships at Iowa State University this month. The four have been working in their major areas with ISU professors, and learning about agriculture and culture of Iowa through field trips and visits around the state. Bruno Zuntini (UFGD) was supervised by Greg Tylka, Plant Pathology; Renan Kobayashi (UFGD) was supervised by Leonore Leandro, Plant Pathology; Martha Ibore (MU) was supervised by Maria Salas-Fernandez, Agronomy and Alice Rebecca Wokibula (MU) was supervised by Mark Westgate, Agronomy. If you have an interest in hosting international students for internship projects, please contact Shelley Taylor,

Global Resource Systems     
The Global Agriculture Programs office has been working to place students majoring in Global Resource Systems (GRS) in their required international internships. The new major, started in fall of 2009, allows students to study agriculture and food subjects in the context of a geographical region of the world or a global theme. Students in the major must study another language and must complete an international internship and senior research project. Since summer 2010, 18 students have completed their international internships in 9 countries, with 1 student working on her internship in India now and another 32 estimated to begin their internships in summer, 2012. For more information on the major, please see

International Visitors to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Dates of Visit
August 15


Dorothy Masinde

Denise Bjelland
September 6


5 agricultural specialists GAP
Denise Bjelland
September 10 Denmark

20 pork industry specialists

Steven Hoff

October 4-8 Ukraine (National University of Life & Environmental Sciences of Ukraine) D. Melnychuk
Mariana Vash

Ag Admin
David Acker

October 9-14

China (Yunnan Agricultural University)
China (Yunnan University)
Japan (Hokkaido University)
South Korea (Yeungnam University)

11 participants
14 participants
6 participants
Denise Bjelland
October 20 Brazil (Universidade Federal de Goais) Juan Patricio de Oliveira Agronomy
Randy Killorn
October 20-31 Bulgaria (Trakia University) 3 faculty members

Vet Med
Eldon Uhlenhopp

October 21 - November 12 Uruguay (University of Uruguay) Monica Barbazan Agronomy
Antonio Mallarino
November 2 - 29 Kazakhstan (Eurasian National University)

Dariga Umirbekova
Zhuldyz Yerzhanova

Richard Schultz

Where Are CALS Faculty/Staff Traveling???

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Australia Austria Mexico Germany Greece Ghana France Spain U.S. Japan Chile India Panama China Costa Rica Peru Ireland Denmark Australia Austria Mexico Germany Greece Ghana France Spain U.S. Japan Chile India Panama China Costa Rica Peru Ireland


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