Federal University of Lavras Visitor - João Paulo Carvalho

João Paulo Carvalho, a visiting scholar from Federal University of Lavras,  Brazil is being hosted by the Global Programs Department in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences to  be mentored by Silvia R. Cianzio, Professor in the Department of Agronomy. João joined Cianzio’s lab and it is participating on all tasks related to research on Cianzio’s program.

During his time at Iowa State, João has been conducting research on soybean breeding and the relationship with molecular lab work and disease screening. João chose Iowa State because of the positive reputation and the favorable feedback that he received from fellow classmates that have previously visited Iowa State as visiting scholars. One of the main differentiators from plant breeding in Brazil compared to Iowa is the climate and soil quality. Brazil has a tropical climate that leads to more diseases that aren’t apparent in Iowa. The country of Brazil possesses soils that are of lower quality production potential than the state of Iowa. João is taking into consideration both factors, climate and soil when conducting his research. The growing seasons also differ between the two countries as Brazil has three growing seasons in one year, compared to the one growing season in Iowa. João has enjoyed working with Cianzio and values the knowledge that he has gained through her shared experiences. João has also had the opportunity to work with graduate students in the department that originate from all over the world, giving him the opportunity to learn about different countries and issues that affect crop production and plant breeding in those countries.

João participated in many cultural experiences during his time at Iowa State, including attending an Iowa State University football game with colleagues in the department. He will return to his home university in Brazil on January 31, 2019, where he hopes to receive his PhD in January 2020.  He then plans to continue working on plant breeding research with a national company or share his knowledge and experiences with students as a potential professor.