Kosovo Cows Give Birth to American Calves

In 2011, Curtis Youngs, Iowa State University Department of Animal Science, served as a mentor for the USDA Foreign Agriculture Service funded Borlaug Scientific Exchange fellow, hosting a scientist from the University of Prishtina in Kosovo.   Under this grant program, funds are provided for U.S. mentors to conduct a follow-up visit to the fellows’ home countries to pursue further research and collaboration.  Youngs is part of a team of ISU researchers that made possible the first ever successful bovine embryo transfers in the Republic of Kosovo, paving the way toward improved dairy production and food security for the small nation in southeastern Europe.  The first calf was born in Kosovo on July 6, 2015.  Balkan Insight ran a story on the project featuring Youngs and the American connection.  (Despite the language used in the story aimed at a general readership, embryo transfer is a very safe technology that does not involve "hazmat suits" or connect to “aliens.”)  More  

For more information about how faculty members can become a Borlaug Fellow mentor, contact Eduarda Becerra, Global Programs-CALS 4-3972