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Federal University of Santa Maria Faculty Collaborate at Iowa State University

Jonas and Cris ArnemannThe CALS Global Programs office welcomes Drs. Jonas and Cristiane Arnemann, visiting scholars from the Federal University of Santa Maria in Brazil both working on sabbatical. Dr. Matt O’Neal, professor of entomology at Iowa State University, is hosting Jonas, a professor of entomology at the Federal University of Santa Maria. Since his arrival, Jonas has been working with Dr. O’Neal and Dr. Erin Hodgson, professor of entomology at Iowa State University, to become more familiar with the research, teaching, and extension activities that address insect pest management in soybean and corn production. During their research, Jonas has had the opportunity to learn about the bioassays conducted in the laboratory, the use of genetic markers to detect insecticide-resistant insects, and survey tools for determining the diversity and abundance of pests in crop fields. Jonas is working on an innovative project to explore the RNAi technology on the insecticide resistance soybean aphid with USDA Researcher Dr. Brad Coates and Dr. O’Neal. Jonas also gave a seminar to the Department of Plant Pathology, Entomology, and Microbiology, exploring the Brazilian crop protection systems and one emerging pest in Brazil, named the Soybean Stem Fly.

Dr. Cristiane Arnemann, professor at Polytechnic College at the Federal University of Santa Maria, is hosted by Dr. Sarah Francis, associate professor in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at Iowa State University. While at Iowa State, Cristiane has had the opportunity to compare and contrast systems and courses utilized by Iowa State compared to her home university while enhancing her English-speaking skills through interactions with faculty, staff, and students.

With a background in nursing, Cristiane has also had the opportunity to share her knowledge and experience in the field with students taking courses with Dr. Dawn Bowker, a clinical professor of nursing. Besides that, Cristiane has had the opportunity to participate in a study with Dr. Jan Wiersema, other professors, and Ph.D. Students, about Enhancement Learning Action Project LEA/RN. Cristiane also facilitated a seminar about the System Public of Heath in Brazil and will facilitate a Brazilian Food and Culture session to the Human Sciences Extension and Outreach Food and Health team during their professional development day in April.

Jonas and Cristiane have appreciated the opportunities and support provided by the CALS Global Programs office, Dr. Matt O’Neal, Dr. Erin Hodgson, Dr. Brad Coates, Dr. Sarah Francis, and Dr. Dawn Bowker. During their time at Iowa State, Jonas and Cristiane have also had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Iowa State culture by attending Cyclone football and basketball games.