January-February 2009

Jefferson Science Fellowships
The National Academies is pleased to announce a call for nominations and applications for the 2009 Jefferson Science Fellows program (JSF). Jefferson Science Fellows spend one year at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C. and may periodically travel to U.S. foreign embassies and/or missions. JSF awards are open to tenured academic scientists, technologists and engineers from U.S. institutions of higher learning. Nominees/applicants must be U.S. citizens and will be required to obtain a security clearance . Nomination/application forms and instructions can be found on the Jefferson Science Fellows website: http://sites.nationalacademies.org/PGA/Jefferson/PGA_172324

A total of 10 Fellows will be selected for the 2009 program year. The nomination/application deadline is January 15, 2009, and awardees will be notified by early March. The 2009 Jefferson Science Fellows will report to the Department of State on or about August 15, 2009.

Vietnam Education Foundation - 2009 U.S. Faculty Scholar Grant Program
The Vietnam Education Foundation (VEF) is pleased to announce the 2009 U.S. Faculty Scholar Grant Program for Americans to teach in fields that VEF supports at Vietnamese universities during the Academic Year 2009-2010, either on-site or via videoconferencing. The online application will be opened from January 1, 2009, and is available at http://application.vef.gov/usfs/. The deadline to apply is March 2, 2009.

ISU Abroad: New Online Application System for Study Abroad
Students interested in study abroad can apply for CALS Spring and Summer 2009 programs using the "ISU Abroad" online application. The new system makes it easier for students to complete study abroad applications and for program directors to review them. It will hopefully also reduce paper use. If you have any questions regarding this new system, please contact Jodi Cornell, 294-1851.

International Visitors to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Dates of Visit


Visitor(s) Department/Contact
December 15, 2008 - September 14, 2009  India (Punjab Ag University) Harsimran Kauer

Ramesh Kanwar

January 5 - March 1, 2009  Spain(University of Lleida) Adria Castello ABE
Alok Bhandari
January 5 - April 1, 2009  Spain (University of Lleida) Angela Canovas Animal Science
James Reecy
February 2-4, 2009  France (Picardie Champagne Ardenne) 8 visitors GAP
David Acker

 Where are CALS Faculty/Staff Traveling?

  • David Acker, Ag Admin, Thailand, India, Uganda, project collaboration, research
  • Bruce Babcock, Economics, Canada, participate in international conference
  • Eduarda Becerra, GAP, Panama, co-lead ag study abroad travel course
  • Robert Burns, ABE, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, invited presentation at international conference, sign MOU
  • Alok Bhandari, ABE, India, project collaboration, student visit
  • Greg Courtney, Entomology, Chile, collaborate research
  • Dorian Garrick, Animal Science, Costa Rica, participate in Ensminger School
  • Aaron Gassmann, Entomology, Thailand, invited presentation at international conference
  • Helen Jensen, Economics, Germany, participate in international conference
  • Ramesh Kanwar, ABE, Thailand, project collaboration
  • Ebby Luvaga, Economics, Panama, co-lead ag study abroad travel course
  • Andrew Manu, Agronomy, Ghana, lead ag study abroad travel course
  • William Meeker, Statistics, Taiwan, present workshop
  • Lara Beal Moody, ABE, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, participate in international conference, sign MOU
  • Russ Mullen, Agronomy, Panama, co-lead ag study abroad travel course
  • Gary Munkvold, Plant Pathology, The Netherlands, invited presentation at international conference
  • Palle Pedersen, Agronomy, Argentina, university visits
  • Jill Pruetz, Anthropology, Senegal, research
  • Kevin Roe, NREM, Panama, participate in international conference
  • Max Rothschild, Animal Science, Costa Rica, Uganda, participate in Ensminger School, project collaboration
  • Stephen Sapp, Sociology, Germany, serve on advisory panel
  • Carol Vleck, EEOB, Antarctica, co-lead ag study abroad travel course
  • David Vleck, EEOB, Antarctica, co-lead ag study abroad travel course
  • Jeffrey Wolt, Seed Science, France, participate in international conference
  • Hongwei Xin, ABE, France, Costa Rica, participate in international conference, Ensminger School
  • X. B. Yang, Plant Pathology, Puerto Rico, participate in international conference
  • Chenxu Yu, ABE, China, research

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