March-April 2010

2010 APLU Conference
Doctoral and Postdoctoral Professional Development in Agricultural and Life Sciences . . .Challenges for the Next Decade is the focus of the 2010 Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities (APLU)/Association for European Life Science Universities (ICA) conference addressing doctoral and postdoctoral professional development in Agricultural and Life Sciences to be held at Ghent University, Belgium, April 7-9, 2010. Online registration is now open.

Fulbright for Agriculture and Related Disciplines in Bamako, Mali
Award area which supports US Embassy Mali's priorities and Mission Strategic Plan goals of improving reliable access and increasing economic development in agricultural markets.  It also supports the President's Global Food Security Initiative.  Moreover, the Malian government has expressed its desire to enhance food security capacity from seed to market.  This is a Teaching/Research award for applicants with a Ph.D. The scholar would teach undergraduate or graduate courses in agricultural sciences, food sustainability and agricultural market development and will conduct research in his/her area of specialization. French is required. The sponsoring institution will be the Rural Polytechnic Institute of Katibougou. Contact Dr. Fafre Samake for more information.

Chateaubriand Scientific Fellowships 2010-11
The Embassy of France in the United States (Office for Science and Technology-OST) has launched the Chateaubriand Fellowship Program which is intended for French higher education institutions and research laboratories to welcome American scientists, preferably at the doctoral level, for a 3 to 10 month period. The Grants should initiate or reinforce collaborations, partnerships or joint projects by encouraging an exchange at the doctoral level.  The OST will provide a stipend (2,000 Euros/month) and will cover the cost of travel and health insurance. Level of French language skill is at the host institution’s discretion. Courses in French can be offered on site. All disciplines in science, technology and health are eligible.

The deadline to apply is March 31, 2010. The fellowship can begin anytime from September 1, 2010, to March 1, 2011.

For more information, candidates and American/French research teams can contact Ms Phuong Pham at the Scientific Office in Washington.       

French Embassy Provides Start-Up Funds
As part of our efforts to support emerging partnerships between American and French universities, the French Embassy to the United States is happy to introduce a Start-up Fund aimed at providing seed money to professors and administrators willing to explore new transatlantic collaborations. Collaborations may be research based and/or education based, such as student exchanges, joint programs, dual degrees, research collaboration, etc. The seed money can be used to fund traveling and lodging costs as well as any other expense aimed at exploring and setting up new collaborations, or strengthen existing ones. Please contact Professor Adele Martial for further information and application, 312-327-5237.

16th Asian Agricultural Symposium, "Sufficiency Agriculture" August 25-27, 2010
The 16th AAS symposium will be held at the Faculty of Agricultural Technology on the campus of King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL), August 25-27, 2010. The aim of AAS is to set a stage for agricultural scientists, lecturers, researchers, private corporations and students both local and from around the world to present their current work, to exchange ideas and experiences and to build a strong research network which ultimately leads to the transfer to the world community of advanced and environmental friendly agricultural technologies in all areas pertaining to “Sufficiency Agriculture”.

International Visitors to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Dates of Visit


Visitor(s) Department/Contact
March 10 - May 1, 2010  Nigeria (University of Ibadan) O.I. Adeyosoye

Robert Burns

March 22 - June 21, 2010  India (ICAR) Ranjit Kataria
Sabyasachi Mukherjee
Animal Science
James Reecy
March 27 - June 12, 2010  Romania (University Dunarea de Jos) Aura Daraba Animal Science
Dong Ahn
April 1 - September 30, 2010  Egypt (Desert Research Center) Adel Ibrahim Animal Science
James Reecy
April 12 - May 15, 2010  Russia

Sergey Strokov
Boris Chernyakov
Igor Glazkov

John Pesek

Where are CALS Faculty/Staff Traveling?

  • David Acker, Ag Admin, Tanzania, The Netherlands, Belgium, research; participate in international meetings
  • Dean Adams, EEOB, Italy, research
  • Heidi Asbjornsen, NREM, Dominican Republic, Mexico, research, participate in workshop
  • Denise Bjelland, Global Ag Programs, Turkey, Greece, site visit for student travel courses
  • Charles Burras, Agronomy, Costa Rica, lead student travel course
  • Joseph Cortes, Seed Science Center, South Africa, Ecuador, project follow-up and collaboration
  • Rick Cruse, Agronomy, Hungary, participate in international conference
  • Aurelio Cubelio-Ruiz, Ag Admin, Puerto Rico, student recruitment
  • Jane Dusselier, Anthropology, England, invited presentation at international conference
  • Rohan Fernando, Animal Science, Australia, teach
  • Jan Flora, Sociology, Uruguay, teach; research
  • Dorian Garrick, Animal Science, France, New Zealand, invited presentation at international conference; project collaboration, advisory committee
  • Aaron Gassman, Entomology, Costa Rica, invited presentation at international conference
  • Adela Ida Harries, Seed Science Center, Kenya, participate in international conference
  • Robert Horton, Agronomy, Israel, serve on advisory committee
  • Susan Johnson, Agronomy, Puerto Rico, research
  • Larry Johnson, CCUR, Belgium, invited presentation at international conference
  • Russell Jurenka, Entomology, Grenada, invited presentation at international conference
  • John Mabry, Animal Science, Thailand, Korea, Japan, project collaboration; travel with Iowa Department of Ag and Economic Development team
  • William Meeker, Statistics, Taiwan, present workshop; research
  • Forrest Nutter, Plant Pathology, Brazil, project collaboration
  • Jill Pruetz, Anthropology, Senegal, research
  • Patrick Schnable, Agronomy, Italy, Germany, participate in international conferences
  • Difei Shen, Global Ag Programs, Turkey, Greece, site visit for student travel courses
  • Kan Wang, Agronomy, Egypt, Italy, participate in international conference
  • Mark Westgate, Agronomy, Uganda, project collaboration; participate in international conference

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