March-April 2017

CIP Grants Program

The ISU Council on International Programs has announced their FY2018 grants program.  Application deadline is April 7, 2017.   Read more. . .

CALS Study Abroad, Fall 2016



ISU Students Learn Abroad Over Spring Break through CALS Study Abroad Programs

Agricultural Production, Business and Trade in Australia (Agronomy and Economics)
Sergio Lence, Ebby Luvaga and Marshall McDaniel
Twenty five students and three faculty program directors will travel to Australia over Spring Break to enhance their understanding of production and competition in agricultural world markets. Students will analyze production agriculture (a typical farm or ranch), business and trade in Australia and compare them with respect to the U.S.

Soils, Crops and Water of Costa Rica (Agronomy)
Lee Burras, Elaine Jordan and Eric Moore
On this trip, students will visit locations throughout central and northwestern Costa Rica in order to observe tropical soils, tropical crops, farming practices, water management and their environmental impacts. At each site, in-depth discussions will be led by a combination of Costa Rican experts and ISU faculty. 

Costa Rica:  Integrated Management of Tropical Crops (Plant Pathology, Entomology and Horticulture)
Barb Clawson, Mark Gleason, Erin Hodgson and Donald Lewis
This course will offer an introduction to the production of a wide variety of tropical crops (coffee, banana, pineapple, mango, sugar cane, cut flowers, vegetables, papaya) from the Costa Rican perspective.  The class also explores Costa Rican ecology, history, and culture.  Close cooperation with University of Costa Rica faculty allow many unique opportunities during the class visit.

Brexit:  The British Vote to Exit from the EU . . .History and Possible Outcomes (Economics)
Terry Alexander and Amy Brandau
The recent vote by a majority of voters in Great Britain to leave the common market of the European Union has opened up a large number of questions about the rationale for and possible outcomes of the vote. This group will examine some of those rationales and discuss some of the outcomes, even as the British themselves move down the unknown path on which they have set out.

Natural Resource Service Learning in the US Virgin Islands (NREM)
Richard Schultz and Julie Blanchong
On this service learning trip, students will help the USDI National Park Service with vegetation management issues on the island of St. Johns. This group will work with the volunteer coordinators of both the National Park and the Friends of the National Park creating trails and monitoring native wildlife.

CALS International Visitors

Visit Dates   Country
Visitor(s) Department
February 24, 2017 China
Zhejiang University
Yan Fu
Dr. Wang
Animal Science
Rodrigo Tarte
March 15-28, 2017 Ghana
6 research scholars Seed Science Ctr
Dileep Guntuku
March 15-August 31, 2017 The Netherlands
Wageningen University
Giovanni Melandri Agronomy
Asheesh Singh
April 16-July 22, 2017 Rwanda
Borlaug Fellow
Madjaliwa Nzamwita ABE
Dirk Maier



Where are CALS Faculty/Staff Traveling?




  • David Acker, CALS Admin, Uganda, project follow-up
  • Dong Ahn, Animal Science, Pakistan, participate in international conference
  • Terry Alexander, Economics, United Kingdom, co-lead student travel course
  • Carl Bern, ABE, Uganda, invited presentation at international conference
  • Julie Blanchong, NREM, U.S. Virgin Islands, co-lead student travel course
  • Amy Brandau, Economics, United Kingdom, co-lead student travel course
  • Lee Burras, Agronomy, Costa Rica, lead student travel course
  • Barb Clawson, Horticulture, Costa Rica, co-lead student travel course
  • Joel Coats, Entomology, Canada, participate on advisory panel
  • Diana Cochran, Horticulture, Lebanon, training
  • Joseph Cortes, Seed Science, Ghana, training
  • Hannah Darr, Horticulture, U.S. Virgin Islands, work with ISU EARTH interns
  • Aaron Gassmann, Entomology, China, invited presentation at international conference
  • Mark Gleason, Plant Path and Microbiology, Costa Rica, co-lead student travel course
  • Dermot Hayes, Economics, China, program development
  • Jennifer Hicks, Agronomy, Chile, soybean breeding
  • Erin Hodgson, Entomology, Costa Rica, co-lead student travel course
  • Colleen Johnson, Horticulture, Canada, invited presentation at international conference
  • Kevin Kimle, Economics, China, project collaboration
  • Buddhi Lamsal, FSHN, Malawi, Borlaug mentor follow-up
  • Sergio Lence, Economics, Australia, co-lead student travel course
  • Donald Lewis, Entomology, Costa Rica, co-lead student travel course
  • Ebby Luvaga, Economics, Australia, co-lead student travel course
  • Dirk Maier, ABE, Kenya, attend international conference; research
  • Marshall McDaniel, Agronomy, Austria, Australia, participate in international conference; co-lead student travel course
  • Ajay Nair, Horticulture, Canada, Ghana, invited presentation at international conference; present workshop
  • Gail Nonnecke, Horticulture, Uganda, program development
  • James Reecy, Animal Science, Pakistan, project collaboration
  • Richard Schultz, NREM, U.S. Virgin Islands, co-lead student travel course
  • Asheesh Singh, Agronomy, Chile, winter nursery
  • Catherine Swoboda, Horticulture, Uganda, program development
  • Tong Wang, FSHN, France, invited presentation at international conference
  • Zhengyuan Zhu, Statistics, Italy, FAO committee meeting


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