May-June 2009

Fulbright Grant Opportunities, 2010-11
The Fulbright Scholar Program for Faculty and Professionals is offering lecturing awards in agriculture to Hungary # 0272 and Estonia #0243 for academic year 2010-11. These awards offer unique opportunities for specialists in a variety of fields of agriculture to offer new courses, conduct collaborative research, and engage in experimental field work. Opportunities exist in a broad range of specializations including agronomy, agricultural economics, agricultural production, ecology, grassland science, and animal nutrition. There are also many awards in Sub-Saharan Africa. Please contact Michael Worley, Program Associate, Europe East and North, Council for International Exchange of Scholars, 202-686-7864, for more information.

From March to August 1, 2009, U.S. faculty and professionals are invited to apply for Fulbright scholar grants at For monthly updates, contact for a complimentary subscription to The Fulbright Scholar News.

Brian Steward Selected as Fulbright Scholar
Dr. Brian Steward, Associate Professor in the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering at Iowa State University, has been awarded a Fulbright Scholar grant to do research at the Federal University of Vi├žosa in Brazil during the 2009-2010 academic year. Dr. Steward will develop unified modeling technologies for biorenewable production systems in Brazil and the United States. He is one of approximately 1,100 U.S. faculty and professionals who will travel abroad through the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program.

CALS Summer 2009 Travel Courses

Country Course Title Department Group Leader(s)
Australia Experience Australia: An authentic learning experience Ag Ed & Studies Michael Retallick
Melissa Nasers
Bulgaria Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture in Bulgaria

Animal Science
Vet Med

Steve Mickelson
Doug Kenealy
Kevan Flaming
China China Amazing: From the Three Gorges Dam to the Mega Cities of China Agronomy
Global Ag
Tom Schultz
Denise Bjelland
Difei Shen
Dick Schultz
Italy Dean's Global Agriculture and Food Leadership Program: Rome  

Joe Colletti
Steve Lonergan

Panama Developing International Perspectives of Sustainable Development through Arts and Science Agronomy Russ Mullen
Uganda Creating a School Garden: Service Learning in Uganda Horticulture Gail Nonnecke

International Visitors to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Dates of Visit


Visitor(s) Department/Contact
April 20-22, 2009  Uruguay (National Agricultural Research Institute INIA) 5 representatives

Global Agriculture Programs
David Acker

April 21 - May 20, 2009  Ukraine Andriy Tovstopyat Cooperative Extension Service
Kelvin Leibold
May 9 - September 10, 2009  Bulgaria (Trakia University) Todor Mitev ABE
Robert Burns
May, 2009 - May, 2011  Egypt (Suez Canal University) Mahmoud Ahmed Animal Science
James Reecy
May 25 - August 30, 2009  India (Indian Council of Ag Research ICAR) 4 scientists Animal Science
James Reecy
May 27 - 28, 2009  Guatemala 2 community leaders Global Agriculture Programs
Eduarda Becerra

Where are CALS Faculty/Staff Traveling?

  • Raymond Arritt, Agronomy, Sweden, France, invited presentations at international conferences
  • Tom Baas, Animal Science, Philippines, invited presentation/lectures
  • Bruce Babcock, Economics, Italy, invited presentation at international conference
  • Denise Bjelland, Global Ag Programs, China, co-lead student travel course
  • Alicia Carriquiry, Statistics, France, participate in international conference
  • Ching-Shihn Chen, ABE, Taiwan, invited presentation/lectures
  • William Clarke, EEOB, Canada, research
  • Joe Colletti, Ag Admin, Italy, lead student travel course
  • Joe Cortes, Seed Science Center, Costa Rica, South Africa, Peru, project collaboration
  • Jack Dekkers, Animal Science, The Netherlands, participate in international conference
  • James Dickson, Animal Science, Canada, invited presentation at international conference
  • David Hannapel, Horticulture, China, invited presentation at international conference
  • Adela Ida Harries, Seed Science Center, Costa Rica, Peru, project collaboration
  • Joseph Herriges, Economics, England, research
  • Larry Johnson, CCUR, Austria, invited presentation/lectures
  • Ramesh Kanwar, ABE, India, project follow-up
  • Sijun Liu, Entomology, Italy, participate in international conference
  • Antonio Mallarino, Agronomy, Uruguay, invited presentation at international conference
  • William Meeker, Statistics, France, Russia, invited presentations at international conferences
  • Aubrey Mendonca, FSHN, Romania, visit partnership university
  • Greg Miller, Ag Ed and Studies, Botswana, project collaboration
  • Russ Mullen, Agronomy, Panama, lead student travel course
  • Michael Retallick, Ag Ed and Studies, Australia, lead student travel course
  • Max Rothschild, Animal Science, England, participate in international conference
  • Richard Schultz, NREM, China, co-lead student travel course
  • Tom Schultz, Agronomy, China, co-lead student travel course
  • Difei Shen, Global Ag Programs, China, co-lead student travel course
  • Eugene Takle, Agronomy, Sweden, participate in international conference
  • X.B. Yang, Plant Pathology, China, project collaboration

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