May-June 2010

May-June, 2010

Travel Warning for Mexico
Visit the U.S. State Department website for the latest information on the travel warning for Mexico

Recent Agreements
The ISU College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has recently signed agreements with the following institutions:

Country Institution
France Institut Polytechnique LaSalle Beauvais
Greece University of Kavala Institute of Technology
India Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University

2011 Cooperative Research Programme's Call for Applications is Now Open
The Cooperative Research Programme (CRP) has launched its Call for Applications for sponsorship funding in 2011. The programme, which supports work on sustainable use of natural resources in agriculture, fisheries and food production, provides funding for international conferences (such as workshops, congresses and symposia) and international research fellowship grants. Please visit the OECD-CRP website at for more information.

USDA Foreign Ag Service International Agriculture Internship Program
The International Agricultural Internship Program (IAIP) provides international agricultural trade experience to senior and graduate college and university students that have the background and interest to help our 90 overseas offices promote U.S. agricultural interests abroad. About 10 interns will be placed each semester. Applications are now being accepted for Spring 2011. Applications must be submitted online for the International Agricultural Internship Program. The deadlines for applications are as follows.

July 1 for SPRING program (February-May)
November 1 for SUMMER program (May-September)
March 1 for FALL program (September-December)

Humboldt Research Fellowships
The Humboldt Research Fellowship enables highly-qualified scientists and scholars of all nationalities and all disciplines to carry out research projects for extended periods of time in cooperation with academic hosts at research institutions in Germany. Fellowships are awarded on the basis of academic achievement, the quality and feasibility of the proposed research and the applicant's publications. Fellowships are available for postdoctoral researchers as well as experienced researchers. Please visit the Humboldt Foundation at for a complete list of programs offered.

ISU Students Study Abroad Through CALS Programs This Summer
127 students will study abroad in 9 countries through 10 CALS study abroad programs this summer.

Country Course Title Department Group Leader(s)
Brazil Agricultural Technology and Automation Adoption in Brazil ABE Brian Steward
Tom Brumm
China Exploring the Road Less Traveled: Contrasting China’s rural ethnic minority regions of Inner Mongolia and Yunnan Province (bordering Tibet) with its east coast mega cities


Denise Bjelland
Dick Schultz
Difei Shen
Nanjing Agricultural University
Plant Science Institute  
England/Scotland European Perspectives on Farm Animal Welfare in England and Scotland Animal Science Lee Kilmer
Anna Johnson
Greece Agricultural Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Greece Economics

Kevin Kimle
Stacy Noe

India Service Learning Opportunities in Nutrition, Entrepreneurship and Development ABE
Manju Reddy
Gail Nonnecke
Steven Freeman
Italy Dean's Global Food and Agriculture Leadership Program: Rome GRS Joe Colletti
Steven Lonergan
Shelley Taylor
Gretchen Zdorkowski
Italy Horticulture in Southern Italy Horticulture Nick Christians
Barb Osborn
Peru Multidisciplinary Experiential Study of International Nutrition in Peru FSHN Cheryll Reitmeier
Grace Marquis
Shelley Taylor
International Potato Center
Plant Science Institute  
Uganda Service Learning in Uganda: Creating a School Garden Horticulture
Gail Nonnecke
Dick Schultz
Tom Brumm
Shelley Taylor

Intern from Thailand hosted by Global Agriculture Programs
Navarote Rotepanich is  an Animal Science student from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand. He is hosted by the Global Agriculture Programs office for a 2-month internship at ISU. During his 2-month internship, Navarote works at Ag 450 Farm and the ISU Dairy and Beef Farm. Navarote will finish his internship by the end of May.  

International Visitors to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Dates of Visit


Visitor(s) Department/Contact
May 15 – July 3rd  China Zhongwen Fu
Yibing He
Jeff Wolt

Where are CALS Faculty/Staff Traveling?

  • David Acker, Ag Admin, Germany, Italy, project collaboration
  • Robert Anex, ABE, Belgium, participate in international conference
  • Rajeev Arora, Horticulture, Denmark, Luxembourg, research
  • Raymond Arritt, Agronomy, Austria, participate in international conference
  • Heidi Asbjornsen, NREM, Costa Rica, research
  • Bruce Babcock, Economics, Brazil, France, project collaboration; participate in international conference
  • Denise Bjelland, GAP, China, co-lead student travel course
  • Thomas Brumm, ABE, Uganda, co-lead student travel course
  • Petruta Caragea, Statistics, Venezuela, participate in international conference
  • Miguel Carriquiry, CARD, Brazil, project collaboration
  • Joe Colletti, Ag Admin, Italy, co-lead student travel course
  • Jack Dekker, Agronomy, Italy, present paper at international conference; project collaboration
  • Jack Dekkers, Animal Science, Spain, participate in international conference
  • Stephen Dinsmore, NREM, Costa Rica, co-lead student travel course
  • Walt Fehr, Agronomy, Puerto Rico, research
  • Cornelia Flora, Sociology, Bolivia, Uruguay, training;, teaching
  • Jan Flora, Sociology, Bolivia, Canada, Uruguay, training; teaching; dissertation committee member
  • Dorian Garrick, Animal Science, Uruguay, project collaboration
  • Alan Gaul, Animal Science, Kenya, project follow up
  • Mark Gleason, Plant Pathology, Serbia, training
  • Matthew Helmers, ABE, Canada, invited presentation at international conference; research
  • Robert Horton, Agronomy, China, project collaboration
  • Ramesh Kanwar, ABE, Belgium, invited presentation at international conference
  • Lee Kilmer, Animal Science, Scotland, co-lead student travel course
  • Monlin Kuo, NREM, China, research
  • Sergio Lence, Economics, Spain, co-lead student travel course
  • John Mabry, Animal Science, Ireland, project collaboration
  • Andrew Manu, Agronomy, The Netherlands, research
  • William Meeker, Statistics, France, invited presentation at international conference
  • David Minner, Horticulture, Virgin Islands, project collaboration
  • Michael Muszynski, GDCB, Italy, invited presentation at international conference
  • Thomas Paulsen, Ag Ed & Studies, Canada, invited presentation at international conference
  • Sebastien Pouliot, Economics, Canada, project collaboration
  • James Raich, EEOB, Costa Rica, research
  • James Reecy, Animal Science, France, participate in international conference
  • Michael Reinert, Horticulture, Virgin Islands, project collaboration
  • Max Rothschild, Animal Science, France, Spain, participate in international conferences
  • Ann Russell, NREM, Costa Rica, research
  • Richard Schultz, NREM, China, Uganda, co-lead student travel courses
  • Joseph Sebranek, Animal Science, Canada, invited presentation at international conference
  • Joshua Selsby, Animal Science, Canada, participate in international conference
  • Difei Shen, GAP, China, co-lead student travel course
  • Shelley Taylor, GAP, Italy, co-lead student travel course
  • Maximilian Viatori, Anthropology, Ecuador, research
  • Greg Vogel, Ag Ed & Studies, Canada, invited presentation at international conference
  • Steven Whitham, Plant Pathology, Israel, research
  • Hongwei Xin, ABE, France, participate in international conference

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