May-June 2014

Guidelines for Engagement in Developing Countries

Guidelines to help inform decisions in the college on engagement in developing countries are now posted on the CALS Policy & Best Practices website,, and on the CALS Global Programs website, The guidelines were developed from an extensive literature review and incorporating the values that have guided the college's Center for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods since its inception. They also were developed from input received from a 2012 seminar on guiding principles in international agricultural development and a 2013 open comment period on a review draft.

The guidelines also were reviewed by a newly established committee, the Dean's Global Advisory Committee, which is made up of faculty and staff with broad international experience, an undergraduate student and a graduate student. Members of the committee are J. Arbuckle, Denise Bjelland, Tom Brumm, Matt Kerns, Ruth MacDonald, Gail Nonnecke, Mike Retallick, Max Rothschild, Richard Schultz and Sharon Tusiime. The Dean's Global Advisory Committee will review the guidelines each year. It also will review proposed college-level activities in international development and advise the Dean on adherence to the guidelines. The guidelines will be incorporated into the college's annual new faculty orientation.

1st International Symposium of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Kosovo

First call for abstract submission for the 1st International Scientific Symposium of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (ISSAV), October 1 - 2, 2014, to be held at the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, University of Prishtina, Kosovo. The objective of ISSAV 2014 is to bring together researchers from all over the world with the aim of encouraging the exchange of ideas and experience. It will represent an international forum to give an overview of the most recent trends in Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine. Deadline for submission of abstracts is May 20, 2014. For more information:


International Visitors to CALS

  Country Dates of Visit Visitor(s) Department/Contact
 Chinese Academy of Sciences
March 12 -
September 11, 2014
Hao Li Agronomy
Richard Cruse
Univ Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
March 28, 2014 Alexander Wezel
Christophe David
Leopold Center
Mark Rasmussen
Univ Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
April 1 -
October 31, 2014
Deborah Bazzi Plant Pathology
Gary Munkvold
Beijing Tech & Business Univ
April 5, 2014 -
April 4, 2015
Qingjie Zhou Economics
Helen Jensen
Hebei Academy of Ag/Forestry Science
May 12-15, 2014 4 professors Agronomy
Kendall Lamkey
June 1 -
December 1, 2014
Phyllis Wambui Muturi Agronomy
Maria Salas-Fernandez
Dilla University
June 1 -
December 1, 2014
Hewan Demissie Degu Agronomy
Jianming Yu
USAID Biosafety Workshop
June 15 - July 12, 2014 10 research scholars Seed Science
Susana Goggi
July 26 - August 9, 2014 Priscilla Francisco Ribeir Agronomy
Thomas Lubberstedt


CALS Summer Travel Courses:

  Country Course Title Department(s) Group Leader(s) # of Students
Brazil Beef and Horse Production in Brazil Animal Science
Peggy Miller
Brad Skaar
Brazil Agricultural Technology and Automation Adoption in Brazil ABE Brian Steward
Lloyd Snelld
Gretchen Mosher

Pork Production in Denmark, Finland and Sweden Animal Science Tom Baas
Jay Harmon
Cindy Baas
France Production and Processing of Sustainable, Safe and Nutritional Food in France FSHN
Stephanie Jung
Kurt Rosentrater

France/Italy Livestock Production in France and Italy Animal Science Lee Kilmer
Jodi Sterle
Christen Jackson
India Food, Nutrition and Health: Service Learning in India FSHN Manju Reddy
Sarah Francis
Italy Dean's Global Agriculture and Food Leadership Programs - Rome GRS Joe Colletti
Steve Lonergan
Shelley Taylor
Poland Animal Production Services in Poland ABE Jacek Koziel 7

Serbia/Croatia Study Abroad Program to Serbia/Croatia Entomology
Plant Pathology
Mark Gleason
Donald Lewis
Barb Osborn
Taiwan International Industrial Academic Leadership Experience ABE David Grewel  
Thailand FSHN Study Abroad Program to Thailand Agronomy
Kan Wang
Jay-lin Jane-Topel
Buddhi Lamsal
Uganda Service Learning in Uganda ABE
Gail Nonnecke
Dick Schultz



Where Are CALS Faculty/Staff Traveling???

  • David Acker, CALS Admin, Uganda, Italy, project follow-up, FAO
  • Raymond Arritt, Agronomy, Italy, Sweden, invited presentations at international conferences
  • Tom Baas, Animal Science, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, lead student travel course
  • Bruce Babcock, Economics, France, project collaboration
  • Carmen Bain, Sociology, Uganda, research
  • Thomas Baum, Plant Pathology, South Africa, participate in international conference
  • Madan Bhattacharyya, Agronomy, Greece, invited presentation at international conference
  • Denise Bjelland, Global Programs-CALS, China, project collaboration
  • Joe Colletti, CALS Admin, Italy, lead student travel course
  • Christopher Currey, Horticulture, Canada, invited presentation at international conference
  • Mark Gleason, Plant Pathology, Serbia, Croatia, Malaysia, lead student travel course, invited presentation at international conference
  • David Grewell, ABE, Canada, invited presentation at international conference
  • Dermot Hayes, Economics, Belgium, participate in international conference
  • Joseph Herriges, Economics, Turkey, participate in international conference
  • Robert Horton, Agronomy, China, invited presentation at international conference
  • Jay-lin Jane-Topel, FSHN, Thailand, lead student travel course
  • Helen Jensen, Economics, Canada, participate in international conference
  • Stephanie Jung, FSHN, France, lead student travel course
  • Jacek Koziel, ABE, Poland, lead student travel course
  • Andrew Lenssen, Agronomy, Greece, Uganda, participate in international conference, research
  • Yehua Li, Statistics, Taiwan, participate in international conference
  • Matt Liebman, Agronomy, Spain, participate in international conference
  • Ebby Luvaga, Economics, Greece, Mozambique, participate in international conference, research
  • Dorothy Masinde, Horticulture, Uganda, Tanzania, lead student travel course
  • William Meeker, Statistics, France, Taiwan, participation in international conferences
  • Wyatt Miller, Plant Pathology, Ireland, invited presentation at international conference
  • Gary Munkvold, Plant Pathology, Argentina, project collaboration
  • Gail Nonnecke, Horticulture, Uganda, service learning program
  • Daniel Nordman, Statistics, Canada, invited presentation at international conference
  • Barb Osborn, Horticulture, Serbia, Croatia, lead student travel course
  • Sebastien Pouliot, Economics, Canada, research
  • Jill Pruetz, Anthropology, Senegal, research
  • Kurt Rosentrater, ABE, France, lead student travel course
  • Max Rothschild, Animal Science, Ethiopia, participate in international conference
  • Patrick Schnable, Agronomy, France, participate in international conference
  • Lloyd Snell, ABE, Brazil, lead student travel course
  • Shelley Taylor, Global Programs-CALS, Italy, lead student travel course
  • Maria Valenzuela-Castro, EEOB, Colombia, research collaboration, student recruitment, seminar
  • Kan Wang, Agronomy, Thailand, lead student travel course
  • Hongwei Xin, ABE, China, student travel course site visit, project collaboration
  • Chenxu Yu, ABE, Germany, Switzerland, project collaboration, present at international conference


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