May-June 2019


Curt Youngs Recognized for Work in Kosovo

Curt Youngs, Professor in the Department of Animal Science at Iowa State University, was presented with a certificate of appreciation from the Kosovo Consul General Xhavit Gashi in recognition of his involvement and impactful efforts over the past 8 years in Kosovo. Consul General Gashi cited Youngs’ work in improving the dairy cattle industry in Kosovo through the implementation of embryo transfer and sexed semen technologies, educating students from Kosovo and across the globe through his teaching at the University of Prishtina International Summer University Program, and arranging for Iowa State University to serve as a host institution for Kosovo American Education Fund (KAEF) graduate student fellows.  More

2019 Annual CALS Study Abroad Scholarship Dinner

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) Global Programs Department partnered with the Iowa State University Foundation to host the 9th Annual CALS Study Abroad Scholarship Dinner on Thursday, April 25, 2019. Over 60 students, donors and Iowa State faculty and staff attended the event held at the house of CALS Study Abroad Director, Shelley TaylorMore

Visiting Scholar from Northeast Agricultural University

Dr. Hui Yuan, a visiting scholar from Northeast Agricultural University (NEAU) in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, People's Republic of China arrived at Iowa State University on October 24, 2018. Dr. Yuan is being hosted by the Global Programs Department in the College of Agriculture and Life and being mentored by Dr. Susan Lamont, Charles F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor of Animal Science, in the Department of Animal Science.

During his time at Iowa State, Dr. Yuan has been working with Dr. Lamont to conduct a research project that is a great example of collaboration between institutions, with different phases of work being done in each location. Many biological traits were measured in special lines of chickens that had been genetically selected for generations in China to be either fat or lean.  More

Animal Science Hosts Intern from Peru

Gabriela Perez Ancayan, a student intern from Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Peru was hosted by Curt Youngs, Professor of Animal Science. During her stay at Iowa State University, Gabriela worked on fetal membrane retention and its relationship with negative energy balance neutrophil function.

"My stay in ISU has been one of the most amazing experiences I've had and my best internship yet. I got to learn about dairy cows and the differences between a dairy farm in USA and the ones in my country (Perú); I also visited the ISU poultry farm besides other ISU events that I enjoyed. I am really grateful with the university and the professor Curtis for doing all the paperwork and planning most of the visits; as well as with the staff of the ISU dairy farm for letting me work with them and teaching me how the farm works. I am looking forward to go back to ISU, maybe for graduate studies."  Gabriela Pérez Ancaya

Cyclone Nation Around the Globe - Spring Break 2019

125 CALS students traveled the globe participating in faculty-led travel courses during Spring Break.  Check out their adventures below!

Business Development Study Trip in Brazil
Ag Entrepreneurship Initiative
Program Directors:  Kevin Kimle, Dave Krog

Photo Credit:  Kayla Kaalberg

Integrated Management of Tropical Crops - Costa Rica
Horticulture, Entomology, Plant Pathology
Program Directors:  Barb Clawson, Mark Gleason, Erin Hodgson, Donald Lewis

Photo Credit:  Barb Clawson

Soils and Crops of Costa Rica
Program Directors:  Amber Anderson, Lee Burras

Photo Credit:  Amber Anderson

BREXIT:  Scotland and England . . .History, Political Implications and Possible Outcomes
Program Directors:  Amy Brandau, Joshua Rosenbloom

Photo Credit:  Amy Brandau

Agricultural Production, Business and Trade in Spain
Program Directors:  Sergio Lence, Ebby Luvaga, Marshall McDaniel

Photo Credit:  Megan Behrends

Service Learning Trip to Uganda
Program Directors:  Dorothy Masinde, Richard Schultz

Photo Credit:  Brianna Gorham

CALS Study Abroad Program Director Q & A

Amy Brandau, Academic Adviser in the Department of Economics has been leading study abroad programs since 2016. Amy is an incredible advocate for study abroad and said that the reason she leads programs is, “I like to share the wonder and amazement of seeing somewhere new with first time travelers and it’s a great way to get to know students better.”

When did you start leading programs?

  • Spring Break 2016

What programs have you led?

  •  Scotland –1 time, UK (BREXIT) 3 times and plans to continue the program at least one more time as BREXIT still isn’t resolved.

Why do you lead programs?

  • I love traveling, I like to share the wonder and amazement of seeing somewhere new with first time travelers and it’s a great way to get to know students better.

What would you say to faculty that are considering leading a program?

  • We have many students at Iowa State that would benefit from a study abroad trip – if you can help broaden the horizons of our many students who have never been out of the Midwest, you will be helping to make the world a better place for both individual students and for those around those students who study abroad.

What have you learned by leading programs?

  • I really enjoy leading the programs, but it helps to have a good co-director too. I learn just as much as my students on the trips – there is always something to learn from the people and places we visit.

What has been most memorable about leading a program?

  • After I went on my first study abroad trip as a student, I never stopped traveling again.  I love to see the same thing happen to the students on my trips.  Many of them have gone on to other short study abroad trips, semester long study abroad trips and NSE.

What do you like to do in your free time?

  • Strange as it sounds, the long airplane flights and train trips while on study abroad give me time to engage in two of my favorite free time activities – reading and sewing.

Why should students study abroad?

  • To dispel preconceived notions and myths about other countries and cultures.

How would you encourage students to study abroad?

  • I tell our students that have returned to tell all their friends about the trip. I also tell my students that I am going on a trip and they are welcome to join me.

Student Spotlight

Jack Pieper

Major: Agronomy and Global Resource Systems • Study Abroad Experience: Brazil

Jack Pieper, a sophomore in Agronomy and Global Resource Systems (GRS) from Mount Pleasant, Iowa experienced the “Agriculture, Food and Natural Resource Systems of Brazil” two-week, faculty-led study abroad program in May 2018.  This was not the first time Jack has spent time abroad, as during the two previous summers, he visited Europe and Costa Rica, respectfully. He heard of the Brazil program through a class he took during the Spring 2018 semester, and immediately became intrigued by the opportunity. While in Brazil, Jack was able to visit a variety of farms, which gave him the opportunity to experience different agricultural systems involving both crops and livestock. He was able to relate this back to previous life experiences, saying he grew up on a farm and enjoyed comparing the diversity between Iowa and Brazil agriculture. “I really loved seeing how the resource systems I learned about in class were implemented in a different environment, and how they impacted the society and its people.” Jack’s favorite part of the program was visiting Iguazu Falls as a way to round out the trip. Jack says his biggest advice for students considering studying abroad, especially with this particular trip is, “Take advantage of these opportunities while you are young. This specific program is targeted toward freshmen and sophomores, and is a great opportunity to experience a new culture early in your college career.”

Stephanie McMillan

Major: Agricultural Communications and Global Resource Systems • Study Abroad Experience: Peru, Uganda & Sweden

Stephanie McMillan, a senior majoring in Agricultural Communications and Global Resource Systems (GRS) from Independence, Iowa recently returned from her third study abroad experience at Iowa State University. Prior to participating in the Spring 2018 travel course, “Exploring Peru: Natural Resources & Local Communities”, Stephanie had spent a summer abroad as an intern in Uganda through the Iowa State University Uganda Program. She worked on projects involving the Nutrition Education Centers (NECs), which included educating and training women and children on the benefits of hygiene and sanitation. Stephanie added, “Studying abroad has totally forced me out of my comfort zone, allowing me to grow independently and adapt to new surroundings and circumstances.” She felt that studying abroad while at Iowa State was a completely different experience than traveling on family vacations because she was able to be totally immersed in the different cultures and participate in unique farm visits leading to collaborative learning experiences and discussions with locals. Stephanie appreciates all of the diverse international opportunities she was able to experience, especially visiting counties with varying economic classifications including, Sweden (higher income), Peru (moderate income) and Uganda (lower income). Studying abroad is also the reason for Stephanie gaining an interest in global perspectives, picking up her second major in GRS and ultimately looking to participate in the Agricultural Safety & Health graduate program at the University of Iowa upon graduation. Check out Stephanie's video testimonial on studying abroad through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences,


Where are CALS Faculty/Staff Traveling?



Department Traveler Destination
Ag & Biosystems Engineering Daniel Andersen Japan, Thailand
  Thomas Brumm Uganda
  Rameshwar Kanwar Canada
  Kurt Rosentrater France

Agronomy Richard Cruse Austria
  Robert Horton China

Animal Science Jack Dekkers Netherlands
  Nicholas Gabler South Africa
  Stephanie Hansen Canada
  Jessica Juarez Netherlands
  Susan Lamont United Kingdom
  Elisabeth Lonergan Italy
  Steven Lonergan Italy
  Jill Paxton Germany
  Kenneth Stalder South Africa
  Mark Weber Germany

CALS Administration David Acker Greece, Thailand, Uganda
  Theressa Cooper  Belize

CALS Global Programs Jodi Cornell Belgium, Netherlands, Wales
  Rachel Pierce Belgium, Netherlands, Wales

Economics Ebby Luvaga Belize
  Quinn Weninger Canada

FSHN Kevin Keener Ireland

Horticulture Kevin Duerfeldt Uganda
  Jennifer Lillo U.S. Virgin Islands
  Dorothy Masinde Uganda
  Gail Nonnecke Uganda

NREM Julie Blanchong Uganda
  Richard Schultz Uganda

Statistics Jae-Kwang Kim Korea
  William Meeker Germany, Hong Kong
  Daniel Nordman Canada
  Cindy Long Yu China