November-December 2008

Fall Seminar Series - Feeding the World: Are We Making Progress?
"The Role of Livestock in Building Human, Institutional and Financial Capital in Developing Countries" presented by Dr. Montague W. Demment, Professor/Director, Global Livestock CRSP and Associate Vice President, International Development, NASULGC will be the focus of the third installment of the Fall 2008 Seminar Series on November 4, 12 - 1 p.m., in the Ensminger Room, 1204 Kildee Hall. The series is sponsored by the M.E. Ensminger International Chair in Animal Agriculture, Raymond and Mary Baker Chair in Global Agriculture and the Center for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods.

Scientific Cooperation Exchange Program with People's Republic of China
In 2009, the Scientific Cooperation Exchange Program will accept proposals for food safety, animal and plant health, agricultural biotechnology and other emerging technologies, food and non-food product development, and sustainable plant and animal production, and natural resources management. Projects will support economic development and trade capacity-building and expand market opportunities for agricultural, fish, and forest products. This unique program offers excellent opportunities for U.S. teams of up to 5 members to initiate linkages with potential long-term collaborators at Chinese institutions throughout the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Prospective applicants can forward their proposals for the short-term scientific exchanges with China by January 30, 2009. For more information:

Rao Achutuni, Branch Chief, Scientific Exchanges Branch, China Exchanges Program
Telephone: (202) 720-2036

Nora E. Banks, International Affairs Specialist
Telephone: (202) 720-3904

COS Funding Opportunity
Visiting Experts From Academic and Research Institutions Programme funded by FAO. The program enables experts from around the world to work with FAO for a period of up to one year. The participating institution continues to pay the visiting expert's salary, while FAO covers travel costs and offers a monthly allowance calculated at 75 percent of the United Nations Daily Subsistence Allowance (over 60 days rate) to help them meet living expenses.

Fall and Winter Break Courses Through CALS
There are 4 fall/winter break CALS travel courses. They are:

Antarctica - International Biology Field trip to Antarctica, Group Leaders: Carol Vleck, EEOB and David Vleck, EEOB

Mexico - Extended Graduate Field Trip to the Sonoran Desert of Baja California, Mexico, Group Leaders: John Nason, EEOB and Jeanne Serb, EEOB

Ghana - Exploring Ecosystems Exploitation, Degradation and its Restitution in Southern and Northern Ghana, Group Leader: Andrew Manu, Agronomy

Panama - Tropical Agricultural Production, International Business, and Trade in Panama, Group Leaders: Russ Mullen, Agronomy; Ebby Luvaga, Ag Business; Eduarda Becerra, Global Ag Programs

Over 300 CALS Students Attended the AG Study Abroad BBQ on Oct. 23rd
The Ag Study Abroad BBQ is organized by the Ag Study Abroad office to help CALS students learn more about different study abroad programs offered through the college. This is the third time for the BBQ and it was the most attended one with over 300 CALS students. During the BBQ, in addition to free food, students got to talk with group leaders of spring and summer 2009 CALS travel courses as well as study abroad returning students. They were also provided the opportunity to judge for the 8th Ag Study Abroad Photo Contest.

Ag Study Abroad office Awarded “Most Student Friendly” office
The Ag Study Abroad office was awarded “Most Student Friendly” office for this year’s Cyclone Family Weekend office decorating contest. This year’s theme is “Iowa State around the World”. There were 9 offices participating in the contest for awards in the following categories:

Overall Winner
Honorable Mention
Most Cyclone Spirit
Most Student Friendly

SAEC Deadline for Fall 2009 Programs is January 1, 2009
If you are thinking of leading a study abroad program for Fall 2009, please be aware that program applications for Fall 2009 are due on January 1, 2009. There is a new version of the proposal which can be downloaded at   If you have any questions, please contact Shelley Taylor,  294-5393.

Agriculture Study Abroad Photo Contest
The “There and Back” photo contest is designed by the Agriculture Study Abroad office to help traveled worldly students share their experiences through photos and encourage others to take part in study abroad experiences. The 8th Ag Study Abroad Photo Contest was judged by the Ag Study Abroad BBQ participants and the winners are Katie Weigman and Leah Riesselman.

ISU Abroad: New Online Application System for Study Abroad
Students interested in study abroad can apply for CALS Spring and Summer 2009 programs using the "ISU Abroad" online application. The new system makes it easier for students to complete study abroad applications and for program directors to review them. It will hopefully also reduce paper use. If you have any questions regarding this new system, please contact Jodi Cornell  294-1851.

International Visitors to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Dates of Visit




May 23 - July 5, 2008  Argentina (INTA) Dr. Ana De Martino

ABE (Grain Quality Lab)
Charles Hurburgh

August 15 - September 29, 2008  France (Purpan) Aurelie De Rus ABE (Grain Quality Lab)
Charles Hurburgh
November 3 - 9, 2008  India (Borlaug Fellow) D.V. Singh ABE
Ramesh Kanwar
November 9 - 11, 2008  Japan (Freeden Group) 10 visitors Animal Science
Colin Johnson
December 7 - 10, 2008  Japan (IFAA)
30 participants GAP
Eduarda Becerra

 Where are CALS Faculty/Staff Traveling?

  • David Acker, Ag Admin, Greece, project collaboration
  • Heidi Asbjornsen, NREM, Spain, Mexico, participate in international conference, research
  • Denise Bjelland, GAP, China, Kazakhstan, project collaboration
  • Miguel Carriquiry, CARD, Israel, project collaboration
  • Nick Christians, Horticulture, Austria, invited presentation at international conference
  • Joe Cortes, Seed Science Center, Costa Rica, participate in international conference
  • Jack Dekkers, Animal Science, Korea, participate in international conference
  • Paul Domoto, Horticulture, Mexico, participate in international conference
  • Cornelia Flora, Sociology, Netherlands, invited presentation at international conference
  • Steven Freeman, ABE, Canada, invited presentation/lectures
  • Dorian Garrick, Animal Science, Spain, New Zealand, invited presentation at international conference, research
  • David Hannapel, Horticulture, India, invited presentation at international conference
  • Adela Ida Harries, Seed Science Center, Costa Rica, participate in international conference
  • Charles Hurburgh, ABE, France, invited presentation at international conference
  • Susan Johnson, Agronomy, Puerto Rico, winter nursery work
  • Nir Keren, ABE, Japan, invited presentation at international conference
  • Dennis Lavrov, EEOB, Spain, participate in international conference
  • Steve Mickelson, ABE, Canada, invited presentation at international conference
  • Gail Nonnecke, Horticulture, China, project collaboration
  • David Raman, ABE, Belgium, FIPSE meeting
  • Steve Rodermel, GDCB, Canada, invited presentation/lectures
  • Max Rothschild, Animal Science, Korea, invited presentation at international conference
  • Richard Schultz, NREM, Kazakhstan, project collaboration
  • Shelley Taylor, GAP, China, project collaboration

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