November-December 2014

Team from Ethiopia Visits ISU

A team from Ethiopia, including extension field specialists and small landholder farmers, recently spent time at Iowa State University learning about the mission and  structure of extension.  Their program, coordinated and hosted by Ag Extension and Global Programs-CALS, included an overview of the finance, structure and mission of research and extension; the integration of education, research, and delivery to  farmers and other clients; the tours of the horticulture, dairy, agronomy, and Ag450 farms; visits to local farms; and a roundtable discussion about Annie‚Äôs Project, an  educational program focusing on problem solving, record keeping, and decision-  making skills
for farm women.  The visitors then participated in World Food Prize activities where the two farmers were featured speakers and panelists.





Jefferson Science Fellowship

Tenured, or similarly ranked, academic scientists, engineers and physicians from U.S. institutions of higher learning, who are U.S. citizens, are eligible for selection as Jefferson Science Fellows (JSF). Each Fellow will spend one year at the U.S. Department of State or the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) for an on-site assignment in Washington, D.C. that may also involve extended stays at U.S. foreign embassies and/or missions. All JSF assignments will be designed in consultation with regional and/or functional bureaus within the U.S. Department of State/USAID.  For more information: Jefferson Science Fellowship

On-Line Event November 18-20

"Feeding the World in 2050: How Human and Institutional Capacity Development Can Support Agricultural Innovation Systems" Hosted by BIFAD and USAID with support from APLU.

For more information:

International Visitors to CALS

Dates of Visit   Country Visitor(s) Department
September 17-
October 19, 2014
4 visiting scholars CSRL
Mark Westgate
October 13-15, 2014 Ethiopia
(OXFAM America)
Extension specialists
women farmers
university admin
ministry of ag officials
Global Programs
Denise Bjelland
Ag Extension
Chris Mondak
October 19-31, 2014 Ghana
(T-GSIU Training)
7 visiting scholars Seed Science
Manjit Misra
December 7-10, 2014

International Farmers Aid Assn (IFAA) 15 interns Global Programs
Denise Bjelland


Cy Visits the CALS Study Abroad Fall Career Fair booth

2014 CALS Study Abroad Photo Contest Winners

Zenia Adiwijaya, Junior
Food Science
Malcolm Smith, Junior
Global Resource Systems
Janelle Moniot, Senior
Animal Science

STC and International Students Out and About!

On Saturday, October 25, 2014, Student Travel Consultants (STC) from the CALS Global Programs office and international students and a visiting scholar in CALS, visited the Center Grove Orchard near Cambridge, Iowa. A great time was had by all!

Pictured L-R: Jodi Cornell, CALS Global Programs; Rachel Nalliah, exchange student-Deakin University, Australia; Josey Ayala, STC; Lea May, exchange student-University of Hohenheim, Germany; Rachel Pierce, STC; Courtney Harder (event coordinator), STC; Lukwata Martin Roy Kagoye, Visiting Scholar from Uganda




 Where are CALS Faculty and Staff Traveling?



  • Dong Ahn, Animal Science, Korea, research; invited presentations at international conferences
  • Raymond Arritt, Agronomy, Mexico, invited presentation at international conference
  • Diane Bassham, GDCB, China, participate in international conference
  • Lance Baumgard, Animal Science, Peru, participate in Ensminger School
  • Eduarda Becerra, Global Programs, Panama, co-lead student travel course
  • Julie Blanchong, NREM, Thailand, co-lead student travel course
  • Anna Butters-Johnson, Animal Science, Peru, participate in Ensminger School
  • Joel Coats, Entomology, Canada, invited presentation at international conference
  • Nicholas Gabler, Animal Science, Peru, participate in Ensminger School
  • Dorian Garrick, Animal Science, China, invited presentation/lectures; project collaboration
  • Philip Gassman, CARD, Japan, invited presentation at international conference
  • Thomas Harrington, Plant Pathology, Mexico, participate in international conference
  • Ranesh Kanwar, Ag & Biosystems Engineering, United Arab Emirates, discuss future collaboration; invited keynote speaker
  • Aileen Keating, Animal Science, Peru, participate in Ensminger School
  • Susan Lamont, Animal Science, South Korea, invited presentations/lectures
  • Ebby Luvaga, Economics, Panama, co-lead student travel course
  • John Mabry, Animal Science, Spain, Thailand, invited presentation at international conference; project collaboration
  • Ranjan Maitra, Statistics, Canada, project collaboration
  • Daren Mueller, Plant Pathology, Canada, invited presentation at international conferences
  • Russ Mullen, Agronomy, Panama, co-lead student travel course
  • Daniel Nettleton, Statistics, Canada, present seminar
  • Michael Owen, Agronomy, Honduras, project collaboration; recruit students
  • Jill Pruetz, Anthropology, Senegal, research
  • Max Rothschild, Animal Science, Peru, China, Vietnam, participate in Ensminger School; project collaboration, research
  • Ann Russell, NREM, Costa Rica, research
  • Patrick Schnable, Agronomy, Czech Republic, participate in international conference
  • Richard Schultz, NREM, Thailand, co-lead student travel course
  • Yuh Yuan Shyy, Seed Science Center, China, project collaboration
  • Yalem Teshome, Anthopology, Ethiopia, research
  • Leo Timms, Animal Science, New Zealand, co-lead student travel course
  • Kan Wang, Agronomy, Kenya, project follow-up
  • Jonathan Wendel, EEOB, Spain, participate in international conference
  • Mary Wiedenhoeft, Agronomy, New Zealand, co-lead student travel course
  • X.B. Yang, Plant Pathology, China, invited presentation/lectures; project collaboration
  • Curtis Youngs, Animal Science, Peru, participate in Ensminger School
  • Chenxu Yu, Ag & Biosystems Engineering, China, invited presentation; finalize study abroad arrangements for 2015


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