Global Programs implements its five strategic goals by assisting students, faculty, staff, citizens of Iowa and our international partners in the following areas:

CALS Study Abroad

  • Student Exchanges
  • Travel Courses
  • Study Abroad Programs

Networking and Information Exchange

  • Global Update
  • Information on Requests for Proposals/Applications
  • Information on Foundation Support
  • Information on International Career Opportunities
  • Information on International Seminars and Workshops
  • Contacts with National and International Agencies and Institutes

Proposal Development

  • Proposal Team Coordination
  • Proposal Preparation Assistance
  • Budget Preparation Assistance
  • Globalization Grants and Awards
    • Dean of Agriculture's Global Research Grants (faculty, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows)
    • Excellence in International Agriculture Award for ISU Faculty

Visitor and Short-Term Training

  • Programs for International Visitors
  • Coordination of Short-Term Training Programs
  • Translation/Interpretation

Iowa Outreach

  • Coordination with Other Iowa Institutions/Agencies
  • Referrals to Other Campus Resources